Business cards or postcards? What do you all think is the best thing for self promotion? Do people still hand out business cards?!


  • I love postcards, it's a nice keepsake and you have more space to market yourself. I love to mix up quotes, conversation starters and commission unique designs to breathe to innovation and difference in my offering to other consultants/coaches. I don't keep business cards after I've found someone on LinkedIn/The Dots or added to my CRM. A good postcard though has longevity.
  • I recommend doing both if you can. You could use the postcards as 'Thank you' / 'Hello' cards to clients and collaborators. People love receiving physical mail and it's much rarer these days so it will make you stand out. The business cards I feel are more for handing over at networking events. I still get given a lot of business cards when I meet people and I sometimes get throwned upon if I don't have mine to give out. People love them still. If you can commission an artisan to produce your business cards, that's a plus. Dot Studio for example produce wonderful printed matter on wonderful papers stocks. So if you get a great design and a tactile card you will definitely make a lasting impression on people. Here is the link to dot studio:
  • I'm very biased, but check out for business cards! You can put up to 50 different pieces of artwork on the back of the cards and use them as a portfolio. People definitely still use them. Friends of The Dots get 20% off:

    They also have 30% off sales every now and again, so you can keep you eyes out for those if you're on a budget.
  • Thank you all for the amazing and helpful replies! It is wonderful to have so many professional voices happy to share thoughts and experiences. It gives me hope :)
  • Though both are great, I'd personally opt for a business card - they're small, slick and stylish and easy to keep on you. I always carry one in my wallet incase I ever unexpectedly need it, which I couldn't do witha postcard.
  • I've found that business cards can be really useful, especially if you're a designer as they already show a bit of your skills. I have them with me all the time – you never know when a casual conversation can turn into a work conversation.
    As for your question, I would say cards and poscards can serve different purposes. As mentioned, business cards are very practical to carry around in your wallet and you'll have them handy all the time. The postcards are a good idea for showcasing your work. They are not so easy to keep so they need to be really interesting for people to want to hold on to them as you're adding more effort than the practicality-driven business card. If you make beautifully illustrated postcards then I think they can be an asset.
  • Personally I would say postcards for handing out and keeping, though I have business cards that I like over the years too but not really on display. Both can feel personal, but postcards feel like they should be kept longer.
  • Business cards are good but you could just connect on linkedin using there scan feature when meeting someone.. plus you will be able to communicate for life as business cards get lost, misplaced or forgotten about. Also you would be doing a good deed as less trees need to get cut down to make cards and paper in general.
  • Both will work, just use as much creativity as people would expect from you as an artist :). Creative Director just suggested me to even print posters to give when meeting with people, because we all like to keep nice things arround, they will remind about you and your work. They also sometimes keep it as a reference. I would go with postcards, but I'm a photographer and I just like this format, it doesn't cost a fortune to make it really stand out and catch attention ;). But, business cards are great on big events, when people receive many contacts. Here I would recommend to use sophisitcated papers and things like hot-stamping, but it elevates the cost. I would suggest to start with the bugget, than think how often, to whom and in what situations will you give your contact? Will it be events or more private meetings? If private - postcards are the way to go. Than find the most exclusive and creative solutions in print houses - I am sure they will be happy to help you, when you give them exact amount of copeis you're interested in, inspirations ;). You can find a lot of great ideas at MOO Print for egzample :).
  • I think postcards are the way to go. Especially as an illustrator and photographer it gives you so much more opportunity to showcase your work. And postcards - if executed well - don't usually go in the bin or a forgotten corner of a purse. It's usually displayed proudly somewhere.

  • It is a challenging question because the size of what you gives someone makes a choice for the reciever, Do I put that in my wallet or pocket or that bin I am passing now?

    A business card is small and can be slipped into a pocket or wallet and forgotten. You also have a small area to really showcase any work.

    A postcard, gives you a lot more real estate to create something that the person will want to keep and that is where you, as an illustrator should be wanting them to do, it is not the medium but what you do with it. But saying that you can do a lot more with a postcard, than a business card.

    I have a box of business cards on my desk from meetigs over the years, I have never once looked for a card. I have the email and details on my computere, why do I need the business card? And trust me I love print. But Postcard is the best option for me. If you d create a postcard send me one please! Take care and good luck Alan

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