Can anyone recommend a good project management tool that doesn't cost the earth? Needs to enable team collaboration & document links/saving.

Would also be interested to know what free methods you use too.
Thank you!


  • Notion and BaseCamp come top of my lists depending on your needs.

    Miro could be an interesting pick as it just is a giant noticeboard that you can draw, add stickies, add images, videos, gifs, text, etc. Works well for 'one big picture' style teams.
  • Hey, why not use Notion? It has almost everything in it. Notes, Lists, Boards etc. the whole schbang!
  • Hey Shana,
    Seems like Asana is popular! I always find Trello great for project management - it's really handy to see your project activity mapped out on the calendar, however it would be better if you could see multiple project boards on one calendar. You can easily add links & tag people on the free option.
    A new tool I've just discovered is airtable - that is super handy for projects where you're inputting lists of information and need to keep updated with the status of tasks.

    Here are some lists which maybe helpful:
  • I highly recommend Restyaboard. It is the perfect opensource software for your small business management that covers almost everything: collaboration, invoicing, customer relationship management, project management, task management, and more.
  • Trello would be my pick for overall accessibility and versatility. If you have something more complicated to manage and want customisation, I would look at Notion or Coda.
  • Hi Shana! I've used quite a few. Similarly to Sara and Andrew I have loved Asana for its speed, versatility and scalability: it worked well for my team of 3, then team of 10, then the whole company, and integrates well with most of the other tools.

    As a freelancer, I've use Notion to track client work and tasks, with a couple of custom templates adapted from the default ones the platform offers (all free).
    Tips: really cool set-ups examples on r/notion and tons of videos on how to start on youtube too.

    I've also found ClubHouse to be a really cool way to keep small teams working together for free, but it's structured after Agile principles and it's a little less open in that sense. Best of luck! :)

  • hey @Shana Doherty Trello and Slack are definitely two cheap tools to start with :)
    If you need to send and share bigger docs and files, you can buy add ons and integrate them to any other software you are using. I would suggest Monday too, but that is more of an investement.

    Hope it helps :)
  • Asana. Hands down.

    I have used them all. Wrike, monday, airtable, google tasks, todoist, brightpod, feedcamp, basecamp, redbook, clarizen, ms project and teams, trello...I may have tried more but that's all I can remember.

    None of them worked for me or my marketing team.

    But I would assess what your needs are first and I wouldn't make the judgement on cost alone. Even though you might pay for a tool think of the time (and money) you can save on repetitive tasks you could automate or plan out in advance. The key is that the tool works for you and you don't work for the tool.

    If it helps here is a helpful matrix and rundown from coschedule.

    But if you have to go with a free one either freedcamp or trello.

    Best of luck @Shana Doherty

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