CREATIVES!!! drop me ur instagrams & tik toks, wanna reach out to more people n would love to collab too :)


  • Hey, I'm a London-based Creative Technologist specialising in Motion Graphics, 3D animation, Video Editing, AR Filters and Generative AI. I'm always looking forward to making talented connections, networking, events, and collaborations as well as seeing and hearing people talk about their passions. Let's connect 😊
    Here are the links to my Website, Showreel and Instagram! πŸ‘‡πŸ½
  • Hi im a US based Lead Designer/Art Director i've worked with an array of different client verticals and would love to collaborate! <3

  • Hey,

    I am a fashion enthusiast.

    My ig:
  • Hi! I'm a creative director, fashion stylist, and writer for a student-run publication.

    Here are the links to my Instagram, magazine, and portfolio



  • Hey! I am a photographer as well! I would love to collab and work together!!

    Check out my Instagram!
    i illustrate and want to share poetry !
  • Hi @Laura Braithwaite I would love to connect and do a future collab as well. Here are the links to my instagram and website
  • SAMANNAS, _samannas on Instagram and Tiktok.
    I'm an Illustrator in Cardiff, I create digital art and excited to get more into small animations this year. I love collaborating with people!

    I just checked out your Instagram, I love how your style has evolved and would love to work on something in the future. (just followed you)
  • Jon Buckley Illustration is an art, design, and mograph studio specializing in insightful editorial illustration and delightful 3D rubber hose style characters appropriate for a wide range of useful situations such as publishing, branding, licensing, and other healthy activities. instagram
  • Hi, I'm a creative & art director at Channel 4 currently. I'm also a model, illustrator and author who has worked with brands including Adidas, Schuh, Tate and more.

    IG: @jada_art
  • Hi i would love to. My IG and tiktok is @luvallyy.Mary

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