Digital or Physical Magazine? What is your preference?

Our Editors Michael and Emily would love to know how many of you are still interested in physical prints and magazines.

Get involved and let us know! Also, let us know what it is you like about physical magazines and prints if you do still buy them?


  • @Original Magazine

    Yes. The Paris Review, which is a quarterly. The TLS, a weekly. Once or twice a year The New Yorker. The Wire is very good (not enough good music mags). If I'm in a really good art bookstore, like the one at the Tate Mod or the Serpentine, I'll pick up something. I'd get Film Comment if I could but it seems to be unavailable in the UK.
  • @Original Magazine quality of print, content is key. Usually the photography or art itself. Less of the film/fashion too helps. Also minimalism helps. Great typography. Community behind the magazine too
  • @Original Magazine Yep, still but physical magazines.
    Some of the positives and things I love about them is
    • Seeing the photos/words on a page
    •Not having to be anywhere near a screen (which I prefer SO much) and it is better for people in general
    •Taking time with it and it feels like a total treat (cup of tea and chilling with a magazine)
    •The feel of a magazine
    •Being able to go back to it for reference/enjoyment
  • Although I find my self reading online magazines on daily basis , I still love holding and perusing printed ones. I think is the idea of existing over the time and the tactile sense of it. Usully, I buy magazines to keep them in my bookshelf. I'm going back to them when I'm looking for influences. A printed picture has a special impact on me, which makes some sort of sense, since more that one senses are involved in the process of getting the messages communicated. However, if it is for me to buy a magazine, it must be somethings special !
  • @Matei-Alexandru Mocanu that fresh magazine smell is sooooooo good, we can relate to this ;)
  • @St Londres Thanks so much for your in-depth feedback and response to our post. Original Magazine are planning to launch our first edition / first magazine run and we will take on board your advice :)
  • @Dyran Odunuga what is it about the digital world and a magazine that catches your eye over a physical magazine?

  • Physical.

    When people or organizations still print magazines, and the content is good thats what you pay for.

    When these same people or organizations select paper, commission illustrators, photographers, and regional journalists (where required)... it's clear that they're making an investment in their audience and to the story or feature.

    When you add that to consistent delivery, and it's coupled with innovation or risk (journalists and writers still need to be able to run with their stories and their guts...), we (the readers) have the opportunity to be surprised and/or delighted.

    Bottom line...
    If you're producing the above... I'll pay for it, because if I'm feeding the industries... I love..., it's better to purchase 2 or 3 magazines then to collect 10 FREE ones...

  • @Linsey M would you, or do you still buy physical magazines? If so, what is it that attracts you to buying them?
  • @Ben Peter Catchpole what is it you keep an eye out for when paying for a physical magazine?

  • I love physical magazines and prints! Seeing imagery in the physical is so much more rewarding than online and as an artist there’s more control over the tonality of the image as all the prints will look the same whereas online it depends on the screen and the brightness of the device.

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