Film people! Which are your favorite blogs or sites for reading about the film world, new films etc.?

I am not looking for industry warhorses like Variety and the like, but smaller and edgier outlets, especially online. Completely fine if they are not in print.


  • Hi Christian,
    these are my reference websites:

    Noam Kroll
    Film Independent
    Amy Clarke Films
    Filmmaker Magazine
    Raindance blog
    Indie Wire

    I hope it helps
  • Bang2Write is a brilliant site for writers. One of our Directors wrote a piece on top 6 writing tips to help you stand out. You can see the article her,
  • @Anastasia Pasechnik Thanks very much, will check them out.

  • Hey Christiane,

    I love to be lost in this places :)

  • @Sonny Arifien I definitely will! Thanks for clueing me in.
  • Hi Christiane!

    I'd love it if you checked out my film site 'Privilege of Legends'. I've written over 50 essays, reviews and interviews - and the site is dedicated to unearthing cinema from all over the world that doesn't get as much exposure in mainstream press:
    You can follow me on Instagram for film news too:

  • Hi Christiane,

    Here are my favourite film sites that I stalk: ( I'm not an ST fan per se but this site has me hooked for some reason). (Shout out to their brilliant design interface). (You have to check this one out).
  • I'm following a couple of Twitter accounts: they are more visual hints to interesting movies to watch. I've discovered gems with them :):
  • I love my friends' film group, which you can follow on Twitter and Instagram:

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