I am putting together a contact list of freelance social media managers. I am working with a number of artists looking to bring on an independent or freelance social media manager, and am hoping to diversify the pool of people we work with outside of the usual digital agencies. Please contact me if this applies to you, or you have any recommendations.


  • Hey Lauren!

    I would love to help out and hear more about this opportunity, are you free sometime this week for a quick call?

    All the best

  • Hi, Hope I am not too late in relying to this opportunity.

    I am a brad manager with over 8 yeras experience managing global brands such as Danone, Colgae, Crosydol, Lindt and HSBC. I am highly experinced in creating social media strategies and managing accounts of all sizes. Please drop me an email on to discuss more.
  • Hello, Lauren!
    How are you? Hope you're doing good besides this special time.

    I've been Manager of some music artists, also my first artist became Sony Music labeled. In the marketing agency context worked with some of the biggest global brands, like Samsung, Heineken, Nescafé, or L'Oréal as Social Media Manager.

    I will be happy to know more about your project and continue to work on the music industry that I love!

    You can see some of my work here:

    I'm available for you through
  • Hi Lauren,

    This sounds like a really stimulating project I would love to take part in.

    I’ve been working as a social media manager for two years, handling content creation, copywriting, social media strategy and community managing, as well as managing an online street team, over a variety of industries.

    Would love to be added to your contact list and discuss this opportunity further! My email is and you can find my portfolio both on and

    Many thanks!
  • Hello Mam...

    I have 5 year experiunce in the Digital Market Sector, I really want to do work more and more. that's my luckyness if give me chanse working with you.

    I have experiunce DM (SEO, SMO, SEM, Info Graphics)

    Thanks & Regards
    Prateek Baranwal
  • Hello,

    I would love to participate in this project, it definitely looks like something I’m interested in! I’ve had previous experiences as a social media coordinator and strategist, as well as with content management and digital communication and marketing.

    My email is Please contact me if you feel like I can be a match for you!

    Kind regards

  • Hello,
    I’d love for you to consider me as I understand how the media life works I’ve been in the industry for about 7 years.
    To discuss further you can message me or email me.
  • Hi @Lauren Fitzgerald

    Sounds very interesting and something I would certainly be keen to be involved in. I'm a freelance social media manager, working within social media across all the major channels (and some of the smaller ones) for the past 8 years over a variety of industries, sectors etc.

    Would love to discuss further, if you have any contact details you're happy to share I can contact you, or my email address is

    Hope to hear from you soon

  • Hey Lauren,

    This sounds exciting, and I have experience as a social media coordinator where I developed social content streams, social stategy and copywriting. I'd love to hear more from you about this opportunity! My email is:

  • Hello Lauren, I'd love to be added to your contact list.

    My email is and my website is

    Many thanks!
  • Hi Lauren,

    I’m a freelance Social Media and Content Marketing Manager and would like to be added to your list. I’m currently in the middle of updating my website but am happy to share it once it’s live.


  • Hi, I have ~6years of experience in social, paid + organic, as well as analytics and strategy. Would love to hear more. My contact is violeta.pirnog [at] gmail [dot] com
    My profile:
  • I'd love to hear more and im happy to chat! I have ample experience with social media :) my email is
  • Hey Lauren, Hope you are well.
    I freelance in Social Media Management / Content Creation in the Music Industry - With a porfolio of working as part of Indie Record Labels, Tech/App Companies, Music Management companies already - It would be great to work on some new artist based projects and put my skills/knowledge in music to use.
    (My email is
  • Hello! I'm a freelance copywriter and social media managment, previously spent two years with the Times Ed. Supplement as social executive! My website is here: and email is

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