Hello! I do illustration and graphic design. I would appreciate any advice on my portfolio website : https://finlaybond.co.uk Thanks!


  • @Lantern Jaw Thanks so much for your insight, yeah ive been struggling with how I should seperate my different work, alot of the jobs im looking at are junior graphic design positions so I sort of need apsects of design in there. I might re jig the front page to just be illustrations and have my designs on a different page :)
  • @Ana Beatriz Fernandes Thanks Ana this helps alot, I have been thinking of selling prints so this is something Im going to play around with, would you know by any chance of some good printing companys for this ? best :)
  • @Nathan Day Thanks Nathan, your right it seems a bit impersonal not having a bio, appreciate your help :)
  • Hey Finlay,

    The site is looking great, I agree with what Ana and @Lantern Jaw are saying in their feedback. Also, I think it would be good if you added some sort of bio or about section to add a little more of a personal touch to the portfolio.

    Hope this helps!
  • Hi Finlay, your work looks great - I love the illustrations, the detail and how you show your process.

    I think you have to decide what you want the website to do, if it is simply to showcase your work - it's great!
    If you want to sell prints or get commissions perhaps that needs to be made more clear, with an about, contact, shop, etc.

    Hope this is useful and best of luck with everything :)
  • The illustrations are awesome. The bits of design are so different though that maybe you should think about separate sites.

    The photos show the work in context, which could work, though some text might be needed to explain the client and process. This does not work next to illustrations which puport to speak for themselves; it's like mixing art with road signs. One is deeply personal, the other is entirely functional.

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