Hi all! I’ve recently had a few commissions cancelled so have spent the time updating my portfolio and would love some feedback?

Due to COVID I’ve recently had quite a few travel commissions cancelled. However, I’ve been using this time to work on personal projects to update my portfolio.
Any feedback or advice would be really appreciated! My portfolio can be found at https://louisebillyard.com

Thanks ,

Louise Billyard


  • Hi Louise,

    Your Portfolio is great! Congratulations!
    The elements that caught my attention were:
    - the colour harmony,
    - usage of motion,
    - narrative in the illustrations.

    It's hard to present our work on a Portfolio but I believe the most important lesson I got from others is to draw the attention to our most important work. Maybe the landing page could display less illustrations so the audience can focus more and better appreciate the image.

    I hope you find this useful.

  • Thanks for all the advice and feedback everyone!
    Really appreciate it and I'll work on those adjustments advised, have a good weekend!
    - Louise
  • @Loredana Gaina Thank so much for checking out my work! I'll play around with mock ups to help display my work!
  • @Abdelrahman Galal Thanks for taking a look at my work! I'll try focus more on wider range of projects such as packaging and fashion.
  • Hi Louise, great work!

    Two suggestions, if I may and for SEO purposes:
    1. Change - louisebillyard.com/about-1 to louisebillyard.com/about
    2. Page Title (Browser Tab) - Louise Billyard to Louise Billyard - IIlustration or Freelance IIlustrator. My 2 cents.
    Keep on it and be safe.
  • I like your portfolio, my advise is try to integrate and show case of your work in any territories of graphic design such as packaging, print, fashion etc
  • Hey! It looks very good! You have strong illustration skills and good color consistency! Maybe try and have a few article covers with mock ups of the items which your work was used on? For example, you could put the Paella work on the inner side of a menu? ...or framing a map on a wall... something like that. I think it would help the viewer see the aplicability of your skills better. Just a thought :)
  • looks really great, you have a strong illustration style and it's all nicely laid out, simple and clean. Best of luck with it all.
  • It's a lovely portfolio and really showcases your style, which is so important as an illustrator. Keep up the good work, and fingers crossed more paid work comes your way. x
  • I LOVE your work! The colors, the style and the variety! Just a few small technical points, once you go to the about page the menu dissapears and you cannot choose to go back to the work. Also it looks like there is a bit of text being cut off underneath your logo.

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