Hi Everyone, I'm on the look out for someone who loves operations, being organised and working in a team where there's a lot of hustle.

You will enable creatives creating, work closely with a leadership team AND define how we work on longer term project delivery. Experience isn't a must. I'm open to anyone who likes problem solving, creative spaces and embracing challenges. It's an entry level salary of circa £21-23k.


  • Hi, I’ve been working for the past 15 years in the touring industry and sound engineer and production/stage manager.
    At the moment being the industry frozen I’d be happy to try something new!
    I’m fast in problem solving and adapt quite fast in new environments!
    Drop me a line if interested at nico@niccoloantonietti.com
  • Hi Jacinta,

    I hope your well and keeping safe!

    I would love to know more about this exciting role. I work as account exceutive however I have worked for global creative desgin branding agencies as a Team Assistant and PA. I can confidently say I'm extermely organised and enjoy problem solving!

    I would be delighted to discuss more on what I can offer to this role and of course to connect with you and learn more on what you require.

    Have a lovely evening!

  • Hey Jacinta,

    I would love to know more about this opportunity... I work as a Junior Social Media Manager at the moment and have just been made redundant.

    I have all the organisational skills you are looking for plus i'm a very creative person.

    I'd be really keen to know more about this opportunity!

  • Hi Jacinta,
    Hoping you're having a lovely and warm Friday.

    I'm a production assistant with experience in commercial, desing and creative content.
    I've been working in the industry for four years and I have had the chance to work with well known creative agencies and production companies, both in offices and studios.

    I have knowledge in the thecnical aspects of editing since I undertook a postproduction specialist course at university while studying communications and film production.

    I would love to know more about this role and share my CV with you, where you'd be able to see all the projects I have worked on in the past.

  • Hi Jacinta,

    Thank you for posting!

    This sounds exactly what I currently do now and I have sent you an invitations, so we can connect and discuss further.

    Look forward from hearing you - Thank you!
  • Hi Jacinta,

    I'm available and super happy to help out with any project management/ opreation role. For over 4 years I’ve been working in the creative industry leading a dynamic planning process across creative and research teams. Please check out my littel website for some snaps of the projects I've worked on https://martakorobowicz.com
    Also, happy to connect via email marta.mayk@gmail.com

  • Hi Jacinta, would love to learn more about this role as I currently do something as what you already described. Look forward to connecting and chatt more. Thanks!
  • Hi Jancinta, I have delivered operations at global events such as Men’s World Cup in Russia, Rugby World Cup in Japan and Major League Baseball in London all for A level/top sponsors. I thrive working in a team environment and always the first to offer solutions. I would love to hear some more about the post if it is still available.


  • @Margaret Golus great - I am going to get more specific in my post as this role is really operational, send me some details and I will set up a chat all the same. Thanks Margaret!
  • Hi Jacnita, I think I will be great for this - I am all about solving problems! What are the biggest challenges I can help you with? I send you a connection, look forward to speaking! :)

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