Hi there, I'm updating my portfolio for job hunting and would love to get some feedback on the current website! https://saranguyen.fi/


  • Hi Sara,

    A great start.
    I particularly like your photography. Stunning images. Personally I would like to know more. A little paragraph on what/why/when. Beef it out a bit. Don't be shy. Storytelling (in words) goes a long way.

    Maybe divide the Graphics and Photography/Video. It would be easier to make sense of it. On the graphics images, I feel it's a bit thin on the ground. Show rough sketches, show sequences and also the finished images are not as strong as the photography. Maybe you can enhance them a little.
    Maybe also work on a passion project and show that. It would be nice to know more about yourtransition from law...

    Hope this helps - but a great start!
  • @Ross McClure Thanks Ross for pointing out what to improve! I'd like to focus more on art direction and photography while also showing my graphic design capabilities.

    I made individual pages for the photography and video because I felt they didn't fit with my graphic design projects aesthetically. I have now split the videos into individual projects and added supporting text (I did film and edit the videos if you wondered).

    Thanks for the tip! I have a couple ideas and inspirations in mind. But right now I'll now focus on making some design projects that reflect more what I'd like to achieve aesthetically and remove some.

  • Hi Sara!

    Your site is looking good so far. Do you want to specialise in one of the areas you have pages for? You've got a page for photography and then another for videos but could those photos or videos be individual projects on your site rather than grouped together as one?

    Do you want to do more photography? If so, make more of it on your site. If not, maybe don't have it as the first project on the homepage? For the videos, what was your role on the projects? You don't have any supporting text to explain what they are about at a quick glance.

    Maybe take a look at the portfolio websites of other creatives and see what the possibilities are for showing off your work in new ways.

    Good luck!
  • Nice, clean and minimal. Maybe bulk up some of the galleries with more content. However, a lovely start.
  • @Jessica Rebelo Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! I'll work more on showing the process and figure out creative ways to projects. I felt that the Present project was a bit off so I'll definitely put some more work on that one.

    It's great to have someone more experienced review my work :) Since I'm self-taught, I don't have much experience in portfolio building (I studied law and marketing at uni). I've had photography for many years but the graphic design and video work I just started this year.
  • It's a good start. I would add more work and more complex projects.
  • Hi Sara,

    Thank you for sharing your work, I love the simplicity of your website and the diverse selection of projects you are showing. I think it’s a great choice. In the first project, I would suggest to get more creative in the way you are showing the work, maybe a collage of visuals instead of individual ones, I think they are good and have great potential, maybe showing more assets of the event (if you have any) like social media or any other marketing material so it reflects better what the event was about and looks more dynamic and interesting.

    Same with the other projects I think you could go a bit deeper with the visuals, maybe some sketches or colour variations to get to the final result, I feel like I want to see more! :-)

    My favourite projects are the photographs and videos, they are stunning <3

    I hope that helped, good luck x

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