How do you find your best creative ideas and solutions?

I recently read an article in which the author suggested that the best thinking isn't done at the computer, but during a variety of analogue activities that allow the brain space to think. I think this is true, I often find solutions to problems arrive during rest, or even mundane tasks such as washing up! Sometimes I intentionally focus elsewhere to allow the answer to appear. Wondering if others find the same? Or if you have other strategies for creative planning?


  • @Max Mir Hi Max, Yes! Helps put the creative 'stress factor' to one side, sort of letting the brain mull things over in the background without pressure, and then the ideas spring forth!
  • Going on a run, whether that's outside or on a treadmill. You forget about everything and somehow, all the right ideas come to your head. That's how it goes for me, at least!
  • To be honest, interesting decisions come to me when I'm sleeping, and it's true. In addition to design, I am engaged in video editing, I had the idea to change the video editor and add creativity to my video cuts, thanks to this, I was able to take the prize at the editors' competition
  • Get outside. Everything you need for inspiration is around you outside. Be still and observe. Its all there
  • Hi @Vikki Ross Yes, walking good. In fact, thinking of going for one today! I like the final sentence. Perhaps I will start to wander more. Thanks for the link.
  • Absolutely the same - ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. Not a computer screen. If you're interested...
  • Hi @Sarah Boris, @Peter Jackson and @Scott Morrisonn. Thank you for your replies. Yes, it's interesting, and I think important to acknowledge how vital this sort of breathing space is to our creativity, and simply as humans. Every so often I find it helpful to have a reminder, we spend so much time staring at screens that it is easy to get lost in them (although it also means we have fantastic tools at our fingertips too). All about balance I think. Yes, to washing dishes! Really appreciate your thoughts, and for joining with the conversation.
  • Hi Clare

    Rarely are your best ideas found sitting in front of a screen.

    I find getting outside, focussing on a specific creative challenge and having a walk is incredibly useful.

    It allows me to seek out inspiration as well as use the time to join the dots in new and interesting ways.

    As Les Flaneurs used to say as they trod Paris, “I think with my feet”.

    Hope that helps.

    Stay Boom!

  • The computer is a useful tool for gathering information, but not necessarily for generating ideas.
    I tend to write down collected thoughts, then give them time to process.
    For answers to present themselves you need a space that allows new connections to happen – walking or a distraction.
    If there were a formula for having creative ideas, we’d probably look for a way to disrupt it, that’s it’s nature.
    I think it’s about knowing what a good idea feels like.
  • I don't recall finding my best creative solutions when sitting at a computer. Ideas come to me when I disconnect and actually stop thinking about it. It suddenly pops up when I am walking, taking a shower, speaking with friends about something unrelated. Someone told me recently that they find ideas when washing the dishes :)

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