Looking for a graphic designer to help with branding and logo design for a restaurant project.


  • Hi Harry,
    I might be able to help you with this!
    I'm a versatile graphic designer with many years experience in branding and packaging. Design for a restaurant would be an exciting new challenge! Let me know if you're interested in working together...
  • Hey Harry.
    Brand Identity designer here 🤙
    If you're still looking for a designer, I'd be more than happy to discuss your requirements on a call to see if we're a good fit.
    All the best!
  • Hey Harry,

    I hope you're well and thanks for posting this. Please have a look at my work on rudydesouza.com and let me know if you think we can work togehter on this. Would love to discuss this further.

  • Hello!

    Graphic artist here working with illustration, design and animation.
    Collage and mixed media. Experimental and contemporary style.

    I would love to have the opportunity to discuss this with you.

    Please see below links to my work



  • Hey!

    I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, and I am interested in working with you, I did some logo design and worked in branding before!

    Here is a link to my portfolio:


    Let’s keep in touch!

  • Hi Harry,
    I'm intrigued by your project as I've worked with food and beverage businesses creating brand identities and logos. You can find my work on
    Let me know of you have any queries.

    Best wishes,
  • Hi Harry,

    I would love to work on this project! I am a freelance creative with 6 years of experience working in design, with clients spanning all industries. All examples of my design skills/services and previous work can be seen via www.sassrobcreative.com

    Feel free to send me a message or an email at info@sassrobcreative.com

    Best wishes,
  • Hi there Harry!
    I would love to help you with that project. As you can see in my portfolio, I already have experience with Restaurant and Food Branding:
    Let's connect and have a chat to discuss details :)
  • Hey Harry, hope you are good! Sounds amazing, I'm interested, here is my portfolio: https://www.marieguirlet.com/
  • Hi Harry,
    I'm interested in the opportunity, here is the link to my portfolio for your reference
    Many thanks,

  • Hi Harry ... I specialise in the food and hospitality industry ... https://www.designedbyness.co.uk... i have new work samples i can send out if you fancy a peak! Thanks Ness
  • Hi Harry. It's great to know that your are looking for someone specialized in branding to do it. I'm available to go for it. Check my website here: https://www.vascoloubet.pt
    It will be a pleasure to work with you.
    Thank you.
  • Hello,

    Sounds great! You can see examples of my work here: 2FoldStudio.co.uk
    I can also send over examples of restaurant/bars that I have branded if you are interested?
    Get in touch

  • Hello Harry! I’d love to know more. We have a few spots for branding projects available for March at my studio (https://trepa.studio/).
  • Hi Harry,

    My name’s Jordan. I’m a freelance graphic designer that runs a small design practice called Block H3. I specialise in brand identity - making unique visual languages that are individual to the specific client, helping them stand out in the sectors and communicate clear communications to their audiences.

    You can check out my work at www.blockh3.com and for a restraunt branding specific porfoltio, do not hesitate to get in touch. I have worked with many restaraunt spaces spannign across London, Paris, Boston, Los Angeles and Rome. I have recently worked on a new identity for Delaville Paris a restaraunt and brewery space in central Paris which I feel will be of interest (https://blockh3.com/project/delaville-paris).

    I'd love to hear more about the project at hand! Sounds exciting!

    Drop me a line at jordan@blockh3.com if you're interested.
  • Hi! I’m interested ☺️
    Spent the last 5 years working in hospitality, mainly in restaurants, recently switched from being a bar manager to pursue a creative career after graduating from Graphic and Media Design Degree 👀 also recently done a logo for a coffee society, check out my work here:


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