looking to get a logo developed for a new business venture. It needs a quick turn around, so we’re skipping a deeper dive into VI at the mo.

This is for my husbands new business venture - a B2B property company. It’s in its infancy, but they need top line branding for some initial investment meetings hence skipping a more strategic approach. It needs a v luxury, high end aesthetic due to the clientele and potential investors. A modern take on something traditional with a masculine feel.


  • Hi Kristy, I would love to help you with your husbands new project. Feel free to email me to get in touch holarick@gmail.com

    You can see some selected work at https://www.behance.net/rickcuenca
  • Hi Kirsty, this sounds like an exciting project! Is the vaccany still open? If so i'd be happy to help! Here is my website izpearce.myportfolio.com
  • Hey Kirsty, I am a Designer/ Art director with over 8 years experience. Take a look at my work here- http://www.studiodazee.com/
    Or alternatively you can email me at daisy@daisygatehouse.com.
    I have worked with a variety of B2B companies for branding and digital work which you can see on my webiste.
    Hopefully speak soon.
  • Hi Kirsty,

    Sounds like a fantastic opportunity, I have significant experience in this specific area, you can see some relevant projects on my website www.studiohinds.com or my profile. The Avid project would be an example.

  • Hi!

    I'm a digital designer specialised in branding and web design. You can see my work here:


    Please get in touch if you are interested in working together.


  • Hi Kirsty,

    This sounds like an exciting opportunity, I would love to help.

    You can see examples of my work below:

    Website: https://hellojonesy.co.za/projects
    Behance: https://www.behance.net/Camilla_Jones
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/jonesy.design/

    You are welcome to contact me via email at studio@hellojonesy.co.za

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hello,

    I can help you with this, you can see examples of my work here: 2FoldStudio.co.uk
    I should have no problem turning this job around quickly.

    Email me: eddie@2Foldstudio.co.uk

  • Hi Kirsty,

    I would love to work with you on this exciting project. Brand Design and Logo's are my best collaborations. Please take a look at my portfolio: www.kristenbarrett.co.za

    I would be happy to share more Brand CI's I have worked if you are interested. I will be able to turn this project around efficiently.

    I hope this finds you well,
    Warmest Regards
  • Hi Kirsty

    Would love to help, if you send over budget expectations and timeframes I would be able to turn this around for you,

    Some of my branding work here - www.northouse.co.uk


  • Hey,

    I have done work for some luxury companies. My work is very clean and minimalistic, which is important for the high end companies.

    Maybe you can have a look!


  • Hey! Logos and branding are my thing and I’d love to help. You can see some of my work on my little corner of the Internet here: https://adamarkinstall.myportfolio.com/logofolio and here http://adamarkinstall.dribbble.com
    If you like my work please get in touch and have a great day!
  • Hey Kirsty

    Sounds really interesting.
    Be happy to put some work in on this.

    Drop me a line if you’re interested and we can get into more detail.



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