Photographers, is the AOP worth joining still? £400 is a lot for a membership, but maybe it's worth it? Let me know what you think!


  • I agree too. If you're shooting full time it is definitely worth it for benefits, legal cover, advice and coverage. But if not, try the membership option. You still get dynamite advice through closed user group discussions.

  • I’d absolute recommend you watch this video from Sean Tucker!

    Atleast for me, I don’t need it nor will I ever need it - until I’m a full time photographer producing content for brands both directly and indirectly on a daily basis - dropping £400 like that, 400 every year by the way, is steep price to pay. But the discounts and the legal docs they provide are quality from what I’ve heard.

    I’d also recommend looking at the access membership First before going for the accredited as that requires both 2 year worth of work and their ideal idea of “good work”.

    I personally don’t know any of my photography mentors, tutors or professionals who ever paid for it either.

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