To all my creatives using adobe creative cloud, adobe are offering 2 months free during these difficult times. message me for more info ✨


  • They're really helpful with it, just open up a chat and ask for your payments to be suspended, they instantly offered me 3 months free
  • Hi Katie,

    If you speak with someone on the online chat at Adobe I'm sure they will be able to help you with this, they have an amazing customer service team. Sorry to hear this wasn't easy to follow. I hope you are staying safe through this diffcult time, sending you lots of positive energy!
  • Hi Nicolle,
    Thank you for sharing! I can see a few people may have struggled with Adobe as you might have to go do the webchat thing. Because I have a company account and not individual they were super awkward so I am going to try again another day.
    A lot of other freelancers I know managed it - one even got 3 months!
    I am going to go back and ask someone else another day as my month had just renewed and it would have been like only getting 1 for free.
    Also it highlighted to me that I am paying over the odds for two people on a business CC account, it would be cheaper to buy them individually. Pretty unimpressed about that, but now I know I can raise this with Adobe on their customer care line. I always find voice calls eaiser than web chats!
    Katie x
  • Hello Nicole! I work agency side but in client services, I've been wanting to learn photoshop to improve my knowledge, this seems like a great chance to get the software and give it a go. Is this possible and how do I get the deal? Many thanks, Sean
  • Hey Everyone,

    Ive had a few messages about the adobe offer. You go to cancel your account and it will get you to a stage where it says you will owe an outstanding cancellation fee, please ignore this and continue, stage three will give you the option of two months free this will then cancel out the cancellation fee as you aren’t cancelling your account just making the change.

    Any issues with this adobe has an amazing customer service chat online, they will help with any uncertainties or confusing when moving forward. I have followed these steps and everything has gone through okay.

    Hope this isn’t too confusing!
  • Hey Nicole,

    Do you have any more details on how to get this? When I try to cancel to get the 2 months free it says I owe an outstanding early cancelation fee of £79. I have the annual package paid in monthly instalments of £49.

    Is there another way to get it?

    Thanks a lot for your help,

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