What are the best entry-level (£80- £150) dynamic microphones for podcasting?

Also, any tips on best boom arms and audio interfaces?


  • I personally use an AKG C414, but for entry level would suggest the AKG Lyra. Though in my past 4 years as an AV Designer I have heard people say good things about Shure mic’s.
  • Try using a Rhode nt1 great for vocal recording
  • I have an old beyerdynamic that is amazing, use it for vocals with no headphones and hardly any spill! so I would say have a look at this one https://www.thomann.de/ie/beyerdynamic_tg_v50_s.htm
  • Plastic parts on boom arms don't last typically so spring the extra money for all metal parts
  • Hey again Asher, as mentioned above a usb mic is good way to go for a start. before moving on to the need for more equipment. I use the xlr version of the sE electronics x1 mic which is also available as a USB mic for under £100. :)
  • Hey Asher, I've used an Audio Technica ATR2100-USB for podcasting and it has done a great job for me so I can recommend (it costs between £100 and £150). The blue yeti one is super poppular for people getting into podcast and affordable (£110) so worth looking at. Hope that helps! Flo

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