What do you think makes a great creative director?

Priya Matadeen General Manager, Commercial, Dazed Media
  • Photographer
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  • Purple Baba CD
    I'd say there are two things and they are deeply intertwined:

    1. one should be in love with people who one's working with. This should be not a mere linguistic expression, but a living reality. It should be like when one's in love with their girlfriend/boyfriend/wife... but without the physical, sexual aspect that is usually involved.

    2. There should be clarity of seeing. Unclouded by one's thought process or emotion. That is not an easy thing to achieve in today's world, not many know it.

    For the first one to take place, one should know the second. For the second one to be a reality one must lose his "self".
  • Sheridan Seraphin Filmmaker & Event Videographer
    A collaborative mind set and strong vision. Recognising that we are all prisoners of our own perspective and with that comes limitations. Once that can be acknowledged, all that is left is to build amicable and trusting relationships in order to reach a common goal. A director is only as good as their team.
  • Pete Brady Creative Director
    Empathy and Inspiring the creative team. Also the ability to know where your strengths end and allow the team around you to play to their full potential for the good of the project.
    Also no 2hours meetings for 10 minute decisions!
  • Ashanti Jason Fashion & Lifestyle Photographer
    Having an original point of view. Being able to communicate that vision in an inspiring and clear way that makes the team excited, but leaves room to breathe life into the project to make it the concept even better.
  • Ka-Lok Ho Brand Content Strategist — Consultant — Filmmaker
    Someone had asked me this recently too, and I just shot a video responding to this exact question, if you're interested to take a look.

    I think it boils down to 3 things though.
    A visionary — strong point of view, an idea generator.
    Great communication — a leader who inspires, empathises and empowers.
    And a jack of all trades — can speak the language of business, creativity and the rest of their team.

    What is your opinion on a great CD?
  • Jo Pope Creator
    Energy, passion, fresh ideas and encouragement.
  • Daniel Harvey Head of Product Design & Brand
    The best creative directors listen and learn from their teams. They create an environment where teams are able to own their ideas and bring them to life. It’s not as much about direction as inspiration.