What was one piece of unforgettable early career advice that still guides you today?


  • To never give up - it's so easy to let rejections make you feel like what you're trying to do isn't going to work. But believing in yourself is always the best way to go :)
  • @Morphe Digital Design I need to say no to something I’ve been invited too - hope it’s as easy as you’re saying. Wish me luck!
  • Don't burn bridges, holding a grugde against someone is hindering you not the other person.
  • Always say yes. The brief is always moving. Usually the tasks are loosely related to it, so there's always room to grow with each project.
  • Be polite and correct (to everyone, not just the "boss"). It's a small world.
    I have lived in three countries and many cities, and still come across people I knew years ago in some other part of the world.
    That said, there will be times when limits have to be set, but even that can often be accomplished without entirely burning bridges.

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