Where do you look for data insights to use for creative inspiration?

Data insights can be a great source for unique and creative ideas. But finding those insights can be difficult.

Where and how do you uncover data that fuels your creative process?


  • Google Analytics, Google Trends, Social listening tools, JWT Trends & McKinsey reports, also finding scientific papers especially if the approaches include components of behavioural psychology / behavioral design.
  • Do you follow Mark Pollard on social? He posts loads of things that will help - here's his site to get you going (sign up for emails):


  • Pinterest Trends and Google Trends can be a good place to find creative insights. You find what different demographics are searching for, and this can be a good starting point!
  • For me I don't think individual insights provide little inspiration, rather the learnings from different insights once agrigated either point me to a question I have not asked before, or show me something I didn't know.

    This is very much the context of creative problem solving and strategy at a business level.

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