Which server host do you use for websites / emails?

I have four different servers and two email clients (outlook and gmail), and about a billion domain names coming up for renewel and would like to cosolitate everything in one place - ideally with a company that has reasonably ethical business practises. It seems like everything these days is either a front for amazon, or that people have just moved to out of the box solutions. Who is the B Corp of web hosting?


  • OX SoftwareS Private Ltd. having 8+ years of experience in website development for companies. We are experts in digitization and develop e-commerce websites using Magento 2 to implement our e-commerce solutions.

    For more Information: https://oxsoftwares.com/services
  • @Maricel Dragan thanks Marcel! I have used Dreamhost for years but recently realised my websites are now all hosted via Amazon server farms! Seems slightly unavoidable these days, but keen to see if I can do better. Have been thinking about Zoro for emails so will check them out!
  • Depends on the project, for small static websites I use Netlify. For WordPress sites DreamHost and for emails I have used Zoho in the past. I hope it helps.
  • You'll get what you pay for. I have used TSO and found that if your site needs any extra processing power it tends to slow down and also after time speeds issues arise on their shared hosting. However, they are cheap and email is included. I personally recommend litespeed servers for agility and speed and moved all of my sites to guruhost https://www.guru.co.uk/ some time ago without regret ... but you will need to pay extra for email handling. Your email clients have nothing to do with servers - you shoujld be able to use any email client to manage your emails. I use Google suite and proxy email servers to deal with all of my email accounts.

  • I use TSO host and they've been great. I have no idea about their owenership or business practices though so they might not fit the bill 😬
  • My friend uses https://protonmail.com/ for email accounts... not sure about the ethical side, I think they are more focused on privacy

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