Online Webinar - London, United Kingdom

Organised by Centaur Media

A recent joint survey by Econsultancy and Marketing Week on the impact of coronavirus on the UK marketing sector has received an unprecedented level of response.
One of the key findings: more than 70% of marketers believe that remote working requires training in best practice to be effective – and that rapid training in this area is either important or critical.
In response to this, Econsultancy has developed a 60-minute remote working best practice training webinar, which is free to attend for all marketers.

This webinar will provide participants with critical best practice learning around how to optimise remote and virtual working, covering a number of key themes:
  • How to maximise efficiency when working from home, managing email and communication to work for you as well as your boss
  • Running effective virtual meetings and how to ensure they are optimised for time, decision-making and outputs
  • Using remote working as an opportunity for deep work, and how to schedule your day for different types of work
  • Setting a team up to work remotely, the critical elements to consider to plan for success, using technology effectively for efficient communication
  • Optimising remote team collaboration on projects and campaigns, how to manage remote teams and workers to maintain team spirit and trust, and how to optimise and manage performance across distributed teams
  • Managing virtual interviews, events, training,agency relationships

To RSVP to this free event, head here (please remove the spaces when typing in the URL):
https://www.workcast .com/register?cpak=8983563093274763&referrer=Econfeature


Attendees — 20

 - Effective Remote Working for MarketersLondon, United Kingdom