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How to Get Noticed by Clients in 2021?

The past year has been a period of intense change. Freelancers have been forced to adapt at speed. Many of our plans have gone out of the window, turning us to change our strategies for client acquisition impacting the way we earn money and shifting us to look at our income pie/portfolio.

In this webinar, we'll be sharing strategies for getting clients now and in the future. Discussing the approached that you as a creator can take to turn 2021 into a year that helps you get the clients you want.

There are two ways to access the webinar either Zoom webinar or YouTube. Please note Zoom webinar capacity is 100 attendees. YouTube Live capacity is unlimited (so if you've tried to access Zoom and it's full please use YouTube).

YouTube live link will be sent 5 minutes before the webinar's start. Or you can go on our YouTube channel at 2PM where you'll see the live stream. Or you can subscribe and turn the notifications on, which will notify you when the live stream is happening. Please note that I will be answering questions both on Zoom and YouTube live.

Zoom registration: Available here (Only register if you haven't received a Zoom confirmation email yet)

YouTube channel: Available here
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How to Get Noticed by Clients in 2021London, United Kingdom