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About This Instagram Live

Learn how you can productively work from home during COVID-19 using UnderPinned's admin tools
You'll be taken step by step through UnderPinned's Virtual Office and learn about all the different features and how they can help you and your business
Take advantage of using UnderPinned's free Virtual Office until September 2020

What topics will be covered?

  • Making the most of your time by building your portfolio and growing your network
  • Utilising the task, calendar and notes features to stay on track with your work load
  • Save time and stress with UnderPinned's easy to use invoice service that allows you to process an invoice in less than 30 seconds

Who are our speakers?

Albert Azis Clauson - Founder and CEO, Freelance platform UnderPinned
UnderPinned is the go-to platform for freelancers, offering end-to-end support. Their aim is to build a better and easier future for freelancers so that freelancers can focus on building the career they want.

Host : Sonya Barlow - Founder, LMF Network CiC, Diversity Consultant & TEDxSpeaker

Key takeaways?

  • Feel on top of your work and productive in isolation
  • Pointers needed to help you keep growing your business and client base
  • Effectively pitch for work and get gigs
  • Resources and tools to create efficiencies
  • Introductions to new community members

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