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What is it to Cluster? Atoms bonded into a molecule. Stars held by mutual gravitation, intensifying their luminosity. Densely structured aggregation of organic material. Subgroup of a population, viewed for statistical analysis. Or, artists, designers, creatives, bound together to exchange knowledge, inspire and knit a network of tightly woven energy. Founded in 2016, Cluster set the tone for art fairs that do away with middle men, dropped gallery representation and percentages skimmed off the top. Instead, it set out to be London’s most affordable art fair, featuring pure creation, unmitigated and unapologetic. Since then Cluster has grown into a celebration of diversity, style, material and themes, of ethnicity, background, age and class, a melting pot defined solely by the artistic necessity to express. To date Cluster has held eleven fairs, including ones dedicated to Illustration, Craft, Jewellery and Photography. With over 300 creatives featured, Cluster has formed a community of practitioners, which it supports through a programme of monthly gatherings, career support, one-on-one development sessions, talks, seminars and workshops, as well as the opportunity to take part in an ongoing series of curated projects and more. Cluster is more than a fair, it is a joint venture, a share journey, creative safe house and exercise in community building. Each fair and every event is a meeting place of like-minded individuals, sharing stories of success and struggle, initiating conversations and collaborations. Fundamentally and most importantly, Cluster is open. We welcome all creatives, whether you’re looking to reach new audiences or make allies, get in touch. Join London’s freshest, unapologetically affordable art fair, get in touch. Add to Cluster.

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