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London, United Kingdom

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Crowd DNA is a cultural insights and strategy consultancy with offices in London, Amsterdam, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Stockholm. Formed in 2008, operating across 75+ markets, we bring together trend specialists, researchers, strategists, data analysts, designers, writers and filmmakers for the world’s most exciting brands. We have six core values. We think these values really mean something. They’re tangible and connect with every member of the Crowd DNA team, regardless of their role or how long they’ve been with us. We believe they reflect how we wish to work with each other and with our clients and contributors. 1. Everything Is Changing We’re here because we see the upside, rather the downside, to new challenges – enjoy the adventure. 2. Purposeful Collaboration We believe everyone can contribute to a challenge and that diverse perspectives are vital. We also understand when collaboration must give way to ownership. 3. Ownership & Conviction We’re problem solvers, understanding the importance of absolute ownership and of working with conviction. 4. Simple Is Probably Best We relate simplicity to clarity of thinking. Keeping it simple is almost always best – in how we design things, present things and communicate with others. 5. Culture Rules It’s not fluffy – it’s powerful. Cultural relevancy is the stand-out maker of brand health and future potential, and we’re committed to exploring it. 6. Our Values CROWD PROUD! We believe fully in the power of our work to fuel our clients with the evidence, inspiration and recommendation they need to grow and prosper.

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