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Our Corporate History A Dream Is Born 20th Century Fox’s story begins in a tiny theater on New York’s Lower East Side. In 1904, fresh from Hungary, 25-year-old William Fox amazed audiences with his magical hand-cranked films. The beginnings were humble – folding chairs, a painted wall for a screen -- but the desire to entertain and move people has been at the core of what 20th Century Fox has been doing ever since. By 1915 Fox’s five-cent movie shows were wildly popular and his single screen grew first into a chain of 25 theaters around New York City and then into a movie making business. Hollywood Beckons Fox left New York in 1915 for the sunny skies of Los Angeles. There he discovered and shaped the screen’s first movie stars including the cowboy Tom Mix, the movies first sex symbol, Theda Bara, and boxing champ turned actor George O’Brien. Fox was attuned to the latest trends and technologies of the industry, pioneering the use of sound with the development of the Movietone sound system. Merging with rising movie powerhouse Twentieth Century Pictures, founded in 1933 by Darryl F. Zanuck and Joseph M. Schenck, the renamed 20th Century Fox began an unprecedented run of unforgettable movies that continue to this day. Our Products Creating moments that enter the collective imagination is built on crafting great stories, creating indelible characters, and continuing to push the boundaries of film making with technological advances. From our first Cinemascope production The Robe in 1953, which electrified audiences and changed the way movies were shot and shown, to Avatar, the highest-grossing picture of all time, whose use of motion capture and reimagined 3-D are regarded as modern breakthroughs in cinematic technology, Fox has never stopped exploring what movies could be. Modern Classics

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