Alien Isolation

  • James Assock

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Brief: To create the logo and cover art for the new AAA video game by Creative Assembly in the Alien franchise.
Execution: As an intern, I was given the opportunity to work on the pitch for Alien Isolation. As a millennial, an avid gamer, and a long-time sci-fi fan, I was the right person in the right place at the right time. While I was unable to see the project through to its end due to my temporary position at the design agency, my preliminary designs and art direction were key to winning the pitch and directly informed the final logo and promotional artwork.
Pitch Concept
The previous game in the franchise had been harshly received by critics and gamers alike, so the developers went back to the drawing board for project 'Year Zero'.
As a gamer and film fan, I understood the history of the franchise, so I was ideally suited to tackle this brief. Ignoring the overworked visual precedent of its predecessor, I elected for an understated aesthetic that harked back to the art direction of the original movie.
It seemed like such an obvious choice to make, to draw upon the strengths of the source material and take the less is more approach, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that my work (as an unpaid intern) was chosen from our internal pitch and remained largely unchanged for the pitch to the client.
Initial exploration
Negative space and perspective would be key.
Even before the final name was decided, I quickly identified the theme of isolation as a driving force in the game, so I knew the visuals had to communicate this to the player from the start.
No substitute for passion
From the wordmark, to the trailer, to the promotional artwork, my ideas appeared everywhere.
Proving the humble scamp to be a powerful creative tool, especially in the hands of someone who loves what he's working on, most of the finished elements of the project were developed from my initial ideas. Not bad for an unpaid intern.
Winner of Game of the Year and over 50 awards in 2014