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THE WORLD’S LEADING LGBTQ+ MEDIA COMPANY Originally started as a magazine, GAY TIMES proved to be a vital source for the LGBTQ+ community, fostering an audience hungry for representation at a time when LGBTQ+ communities in Britain faced social and political rejection. GAY TIMES Magazine has grown with the community over the past five decades, holding their hands through Section 28, the AIDS crisis, Pride celebrations and many other historic moments. ‍ It’s this legacy and rich history that empowers us to be leading in LGBTQ+ storytelling. Using our insight, expertise and experiences to deliver cutting edge content and campaigns that work for brand partners and our audience. ‍ GAY TIMES Group in 2020 is a very different organisation to how it began. The magazine is a huge part of our DNA but it only makes up around 7% of our overall output. Our production and creative capabilities have grown significantly in recent years, building our consultancy and integrated campaigns for globally leading brands such as Adidas, Coca Cola, Facebook and many others. All of our work stems from globally leading LGBTQ+ strategists and creatives. Our people and ideas are the foundation of everything we do. Whether that be from planning editorial strategy, curating talent or predicting future talent, to defining brand strategy for our partners by examining their brand pillars and turning them into campaigns that land every time. Our hub for this work is GTX.

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