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Our purpose is telling stories, touching lives, and expanding worlds. We are the Nordic region’s leading entertainment provider. We entertain millions of people every day with our streaming services, TV channels and radio stations, and our production companies create content that is experienced around the world. We make life more entertaining by telling stories, touching lives and expanding worlds – from live sports, movies and series to music and original shows. We are a company that prioritises people over anything else — from every single employee to every single one of our millions of customers. What unites us all at NENT Group is our passion to create meaningful moments and evoke emotions with our content. The essence of our values is defined by the beat we all have pulsing inside us. Defined by our people. Defined by the boundless passion we all share at NENT Group. Defined by how we inspire everyone around us, letting them feel that powerful, energising beat. Bravery, Equality, Appreciation and Trust are our NENT values — and together, they form a powerful BEAT!



Clio - Gold

Clio Awards

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  • We won a Clio Gold in the category of Home Entertainment: Audio/Visual Technique Sound Design.


Promax Europe - Gold

Promax & BDA Europe

  • We won gold at the Promax Europe awards in the category of 'Best Use of Music with Original Lyrics'

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