Ethically made womenswear with playful colourful prints

London, United Kingdom


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We make clothes for real women and children - who live, love and laugh. Real women with real bodies and real lives. Real women who forget their keys and who have that extra slice of cake with their tea. Real children who have muddy knees and wild imaginations. We celebrate living colourfully and creatively and we will always do our best to bring an extra bit of joy to your day through our clothing. We use organic cotton, tencel and linen to make our clothes - materials which wear and wash incredibly well. These fabrics are all made of natural fibres which means that in years to come, when your favourite Palava dress has been loved and worn by you and maybe a few others, it’ll not litter the planet. Behind the colourful prints and joyful spirit of Palava lies a passion for sustainable manufacturing and we’ve been making conscious, mindful choices about our fabrics and production processes for many moons. Every item of clothing we produce at Palava is designed and made with care. We don’t follow fashions and we don’t do flimsy. Our stitches are strong, our shapes are classic and our prints are unique. A Palava dress will be distinctive and eye-catching whether you wear it today or in 20 years time. And we hope you’ll do both. Working in an industry that is notoriously damaging to the environment, we are constantly learning (and re-learning!) about best practises. Read on to discover the ways, big and small, that we are being active members of the ethical fashion movement.

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