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Skyscanner believes that traveling is one of the most social human acts. We also believe that traveling should be fundamentally enjoyable and memorable. We want to become the world’s most loved, used and trusted travel company. We’re humbled to have gotten this far in creating a world-changing service, and we’re seeking unbelievably talented and thoughtful product designers to take it to the next level. The product design team is spread over 10 offices, there’s only 22 of us at the moment. We’re not looking to build a massive team, but we’re looking for those special types who can glue experiences and people together - soup to nuts. Oh, and we’re currently number 79 on the world’s unicorn list, and climbing. Exciting times ahead. You have soul Do you love making things easy to understand and delightful to use? Of course you do, everyone does. Can you prove you know why, what, and how a product - with soul - is created, by showing something you’ve designed and shipped that spoke to the heart and mind. You think fast and slow You know how valuable system 1 is, but take seriously your time in system 2. You can output quick iterations and hi-fidelity prototypes and still have the ability to work in a systematic way. You know the pit falls of just incrementalism. Show us grand thinking, and small actions that had impact. You’re passionate and empathetic You fall in love with problems, not solutions. You don’t burn out if things don’t go your way. You’re a doer, and a helper. People want to be around you, they feed off your alacrity and vibe. Saying hard things is difficult but you know how to say it without crushing a person’s spirit. You stoop to conquer. At Skyscanner, you’ll do the best work of your life – and have a life at the same time.

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