#033 : Paths

  • Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo

Emerging journal is what happens when you have a mid-life crisis in your twenties.

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A friend once told me while I confessed my regret for the uncompromising simultaneous development of two businesses, that there was no other context in which I could of developed Unmaterialised and THE ADV_ while deconstructing the industry and psychology of a creative entrepreneur via Emerging Journal. Pursuing these goals in any other format would have been perceived as an automatic failure or an ineffective use of time.
Emerging journal is what happens when you have a mid-life crisis in your twenties. Spending majority of your time dedicated to objectives that severe no benefit to your desire, your people or your culture. Lest we forget that, one wo/man’s success is another wo/man’s failure. In this drastic change, the penultimate goal is the externally recognised value in your business, specifically by those who matter, and by matter I mean those who contribute to your topic of discussion. Remember, business is a dialogue, not a series of alternating monologues.
In its most general use, we cannot ignore the basic human need to be valued, this translates into anything impacting or impacted by humanity. However, the difference between the beaten path and the road less travelled are eventually rendered irrelevant. This is a case in how you want to learn, engaging with unavoidable hurdles or taking deviating paths. There is no straightforward path to success, only multiple routes to the same key lessons in which we decide how soon to learn them :
THE ACOLYTE Following heavily tested and proven models/paths, subscribing to popular ideologies and/or delaying your own agenda. Typically this materialises as undertaking formal approved educational paths, producing trending / popular culture, targeting key validators and appeasing their desire in trade for recognition. Then borrowing against the cultural capital gained and shifting attention to your own agenda.
COLLECTIVE COOL A vision that forms around a movement of closely related, but different individuals illustrating the breadth of an ideology. Summed up, it’s easy to ignore an individual, it’s impossible to ignore an assembly, as they grow they become their own ecosystem as an offshoot from the mainstream. Demanding three possible interactions; join, capitalise, oppose.
THE MARTYR Sprouting an obscure philosophy, a commitment to evangelising becomes a race between amassing converts before you expire.
Whichever path is taken, it’s advised that they all submit to these very common business S.M.A.R.T principles in being; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic / Rewarding and Time-bound. I hold my hands up in complete dismissal of four out of the five principles, but to know that something is attainable is to have a reference of its accomplishment. In some instances these examples don’t exist so they are pieced together from disparate sectors, in true postmodernist behaviour, the blueprint is a bricolage of conflicting ideals and wielding them under a new agenda.
With that all said and done, what becomes clear through this journey are my priorities and how I negotiated the definition of value between ownership or profit.
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