• Theo Rhodes
  • Razvan Pestean
  • Ewa Stryczek
  • Rochelle Thomas
  • Derrick Kakembo
  • Musa C

2023 is a film inspired by the powerful and emotive music of Alxndr London. It’s a visual representation of the musician's EP, 2023, which is futuristic in design yet at its core very raw, emotive and spiritual. It is set in a future landscape, grounded in a sense of realism, deep in the heart of a familiar city, with almost recognisable landscapes, yet not obvious as to what place specifically. We follow one person and their journey through these dark and moody settings in this Afro-futuristic world.

  • Director: MUSA
  • Producer: KAKEMBO
  • Producer: Rochelle Thomas
  • Cinematography: Razvan Pestean
  • Colourist: Joseph Bicknell
  • Assistant Director: Ewa Stryczek
  • 1st AC: Theo Rhodes
  • Stylist: Femi Ayo
  • Menswear Contributor: Omiri Thomas
  • Make Up Artist: Jessica Cheetham
  • Production Assistant: Duncan Lawford
  • Runner: Luke Prentice
  • Driver: Gary Clarke
  • Sound Design: Oliver Mapp Cast (order of appearance)
  • Man: Leo Jonah
  • Woman: Luanda Yasmin
  • Dancer: Layo
  • Sapeur #1: Curtis Reid
  • Sapeur #2: Louie Akinwale
  • Locations Supplied by: AYA
  • Music by Alxndr London