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For those that influence popular culture. Reform The Funk is an independent cultural platform created in a bid to reform basic social structures, challenging the status quo by promoting thought-provoking and emotive art. Ours is an outlet to feature the cultural taste-makers today, unveil those fighting against cultural malaise across the planet, and enlighten, through discourse and collaborative efforts. The aim of the space is to provide a narrative that differs to traditional storytelling which often doesn’t represent culture in its true respect. In typical mainstream media, many taste-makers are forgone, despite having a huge influence and presence in their respective communities, if they are yet to be labelled as popular or trendy. In contrast, this platform's purpose is to provide a genuine insight into inspiring people worldwide, regardless of their prevalence. Reform The Funk delivers in-depth content which can serve as a cultural reference for ideas and inspiration. A platform for tastemakers – Reform The Funk – for those who influence popular culture. THE COLLECTIVE We are a creative collective and multi-disciplinary production consisting of diverse, culturally educated individuals full of intriguing, fresh, exciting and new ideas. From filmmakers, photographers, stylists, set designers, illustrators graphic designers, casting directors and more.

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