Talk and Play Episode One: Shingai

  • Derrick Kakembo
  • Rochelle Thomas
  • Chante Joseph
  • Musa C
  • Bethany Burgoyne
  • Karla Q Leon

"The whole point of art and creativity is to break down barriers" - Shingai Cante Joseph is joined by singer, songwriter and all around rockstar Shinagi Indoor skiing for the first time at @chelski_sw6 the pair discuss music, family, and being seen as 'other'

There are a lot of the stereotypes expected of a young black woman going into music; to perform in a different way, often in that space of RnB, purism, with a lot of the visuals that seem to be about stimulating the male gaze and I wasn’t that kind of artist. I’m fun, playful, I like theatrical stuff, and I love outfits, I love performing, I love giving people experiences
“I feel the whole point of art and creativity is to break down barriers, it’s our job as artists, if we can, to put something good into the world, even if it’s something that reflects some of the dark things we go through.”
“I definitely shook the tree and I’m still continuing to do that whether I like it or not, if I go in, I go in, whatever music and whichever show. And I want people to walk away like they’ve been moved.”
  • Interviewed by: Chante Joseph
  • Producer: Rochelle Thomas
  • Producer / Photography: Derrick Kakembo
  • DOP - WillStuetz
  • Editor: Duncan Lawford
  • Creative: Daniel Clarke
  • B-Cam: Venetia Faye
  • Make-up Artists: Karla Q Leon
  • Words: Bethany Burgoyne

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