Shingai: Ancient Futures x Reform The Funk

Shingai releases a short film to accompany ‘Ancient Futures’ EP.

Following the release of her first solo EP Shingai, the legendary frontwoman and bassist from Noisettes, has released a complimentary cinematic short film that brings her sound to life. The much-anticipated EP, Ancient Futures, which has been in the making for four years, is described as a celebration of her London roots, Zimbabwean heritage, and pioneering musical eclecticism.
Produced by Reform The Funk and directed by photographer & filmmaker Derrick Kakembo, the cinematic short showcases three songs from the EP, Revolutions, Zimtron, and Champion Styles, each pulsating with a bass-heavy beat. The accompanying visuals take us on a journey, of black masculinity, black girl joy, resilience, and afro-futurism
Shingai says on the project “Ancient Futures is about asking how can we go forward if we don’t make peace with our past? It’s a chance to raise our vibrations and not repeat mistakes. I feel like in order to have the future we want, especially in this tense moment for the world, we need to learn from many ancient civilizations.”
Shingai’s distinctive vocal style and look always stood her apart from the rest, but this daring EP with its rebel yells, dancefloor-ready beats, and nods to her Zimbabwean and Bantu heritage, throws Shingai forward into a realm that's all her own.
  • Director/Filmmaker: Derrick Kakembo
  • Production: Reform The Funk
  • Executive Producer: Zimtron Ltd / Shingai
  • Co-Production / Casting: Lois Browne
  • Editor: Duncan Lawford
  • Colourist: Ruth Wardell
  • Colour Producer: Oscar Wendt
  • Electric Teatre Collective
  • Director of Photography: Ahmet Husseyin
  • Steadicam: Rory Moles
  • AC: Samuel Harding
  • 1st AD: Rochelle Tomas
  • DIT / AD: Daniel Clarke ZIMTRON
  • Director of Photography: Theo Rhodes
  • AC: Broadie Rake
  • Footy: DOP: Francis Boyter
  • Part2: DOP: Will Stuetz
  • Pt2: 1st AD: Joyal Anthony Dominic
  • Pt2: AC: Venetia Faye Acquah CHAMPION STYLES
  • Director of Photography: Will Stuetz
  • 1st AD: Joyal Anthony Dominic
  • AC: Venetia Faye Acquah GLAM
  • Stylist: Rene Harrison
  • Co-styling: Lois Browne
  • Hair: Magalie Katende
  • Make up: Nance Katende CAST ZIMTRON Mandem
  • Joseph Sebs Ntege
  • Paul Nsobya Ntege
  • Joshua Boussenhane
  • Victor Babatunde
  • Marvel Fayose
  • Ryan Ricketts
  • Jamel Higgins
  • Ricardo Junior
  • Dayo Atilola
  • Ryan Rickets
  • Musa Clarke
  • Anton Roberts
  • Cedric-Noah
  • Oula Emmanuel Anifowose
  • House of West: D’relle West / Khalid West
  • Twins Kevin Bonsu Karlon Bonsu ( aka Flag Twins )
  • Aerial Straps Artist: Imani Vital
  • Dancer: Olga Vital (Vital Energy Fitness)
  • Spicely Tambi (Soldier)
  • Hosho player: Gabriel Makamanzi
  • Girls on bicycles:
  • Naomi Browne
  • Swapnil Gurung
  • Corall Ogugua
  • Lois Browne
  • Henri
  • BASKETBALL Twins Ysaana / Paul N’aami-li Paul
  • Young girls: Leyla-Chantal Katende / Haniyah Wellington
  • Young women: Lois Browne / Funmi Olagunju
  • Ladies: Anna Marie Benedict / Pauline Brown
  • Mandy Liddel ( Choreography ),
  • Daniella Daiuto ( casting )
  • Anthony Walu Ntege ( Driving )


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