Talk and Play Episode 4 : Eniola Aluko

  • Chante Joseph
  • Rochelle Thomas
  • Remi Laudat
  • Shadi Eshragi

In our FINAL episode, Chante Joseph visits Eniola Aluko's home for a games night! The pair discuss sport, justice, and identity, as well as Eniola's new book.

"In the age of social media now, people think a tweet is enough, [and] a tweet and an Instagram post can be enough, but for me, it's changing the law, its policy change, it's sitting across from decision-makers, it's diversity in the board rooms. That's the stuff that really changes things for good"
An excerpt from the chapter ‘Embrace The Hyphen’ within her latest book They Don't Teach Us This reads:

“I picked out my old Nigerian passport from the pile and held it in my other hand. These two documents would be with me for the rest of my life. Two passports, two nationalities, two identities. I stared down at the green and the red book. Weighing them in my hands, I began to understand that having two identities wasn’t a seesaw, or a pair of scales. I am British, and I am Nigerian. Both sides had equal weight in shaping who I was. Others would want me to choose between them. They would want to know on which side my heart, head and soul lay. Looking at the green and red books, I saw that was a false choice. I could rip myself in two trying to find an answer, or I could reject the question. I was both. I was an indivisible whole.”

  • Host / Interviewed by Chante Joseph
  • Producer: Rochelle Thomas
  • Producer /Photography: Derrick Kakembo
  • DOP: Remi Laudat
  • Editor: Duncan Lawford
  • B-Cam: Shadi Eshranghi