24 Hours in A&E Series 1-6

Full post production on the fly-on-the-wall documentary that offers unprecedented access to one of Britain's busiest A&E departments.

The Farm’s technical team designed, set up and ran the on sight acquisition system to capture over 8000 hours of HD video and audio directly to Avid Unity utilising Avid’s AirSpeeds, the media was then transferred Via LTO5 to the Farm’s Soho facility to begin the edit process.

Sonny Sheridan used Film Master to create intimacy in interviews by keying into highlights and applying soft glows to the skin of nurses and contributors. Blues and greens were also added to interviews with doctors to emphasise the hospital environment.

Dan Evans, Tam Osman, and Matt Jeffreys onlined the series with Symphony and Nick Fry, Dave McGrath and Jamie Selway mixed the audio with Pro Tools 1