3 Tips To Make Your Fashion Photography Portfolio Stand Out

  • The Blue Rooms Manchester
In the select world of fashion photography, many top-tier artists are increasingly seeking compelling ways to make their work stand out from the competition. And undoubtedly, one of the best methods for establishing oneself within the fashion industry lies in developing a first-rate fashion photography portfolio.
Here are just a few important steps to take when building this important facet of your photography CV, and why a good portfolio might just be your calling card to bigger and better things.
Draw on Your Network to Find Models
Beyond the ease of working with individuals that you already know, there are many reasons to employ friends from your network of contacts when creating a selection of your photographic work. Even if they aren’t aspiring models, in fact, you might just be surprised at how well your photos turn out when your friends are also your photography subjects.
Because familiarity tends to engender comfort and openness in social situations, for example, the body language of your models in personal shoots will tend to appear relaxed and confident. If there is one thing that the history of photography has shown us, it is that viewers tend to respond emotionally to the personal chemistry that exists between photographers and models that are already familiar with one another. It is just one reason why so many pro photographers tend to work with the same group of models over and over again.
Develop Your Skill Set
Like any art form, photography lends itself to personal expression. Setting yourself apart as a photographer isn’t easy, but the rewards of cultivating a unique skill set can be extremely beneficial to a photography career in the long-term. Some fashion photographers excel at outdoor shoots, for example, while other artists thrive in highly-controlled studio environments.
Every photographer will have their own personal approach to using equipment, lighting conditions, and working methods, and discovering your own strengths as an artist can really do wonders for your career and for your portfolio. In the deeply competitive atmosphere of the high fashion world, collections of our photographic work absolutely must demonstrate our best qualities as photographers. This is our time to make an impression on industry insiders, and we can’t afford to sell our artistic credentials short in the process.

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