A Brief Guide To The Dimensionality Of Nature : An Exploration Of String Theory

As a keen science entusiast, I always find myself fascinated with exploring the esoteric. In this project I wanted to find a visually compelling way to teach others about the leading concepts in String Theory. The theory itself postulates that at the smallest scale, the fabric of the universe is made up of tiny vibrating strings of energy which gives rise to everything we see in nature. Leading theorists believe that in order to function the way that it does, the physical universe must have 10 dimensions of space, and oneof time. I worked to explore the concept of dimensionality in nature to explain how this wonderfully complex theory might work in practice and in particular, how to visualise 11 dimensions. I consulted with professors at Imperial College London to solidify my understanding and came up with a brief guide to dimensionality that I hope is informative and visually compelling and well as serving as a self contained metaphor for explaining dimensionality in a novel way.

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Daragh Anderson
Creative Technologist