A Bundle of Sticks | Issue Two

  • John Furno

A Bundle of Sticks is a chance for the queer community to share their coming out stories to help and inspire others. Through the strength of Issue One these stories are helping to open up the minds of the world that believe it is our choice to be queer and guiding others who feel afraid. Letting them know it’s ok and it does get better.

“Happiness is our ultimate goal in life and if people are holding you back from that, as hard as it may be; you need to let them go”
- Casey Birmingham
A Bundle of Sticks is not only my voice but a voice of a global community who want and need to be heard, voices who feel unrepresented and unsafe to walk the streets.

Throughout Issue Two, 19 unique voices are giving us an insight into their experience of coming out. These stories are especially unique as they are being shared during a difficult and unsettling time due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Adding to this, the world is witnessing one of the biggest civil rights movements of our generation in the fight against racism. I believe that we, as a minority, should stand together with the black community and use our voice to say they, like us, deserve inclusion and acceptance.

The stories, artwork and photography featured within this Issue take us on a journey of optimism and courage, and is one I hope will spark conversation around LGBTQ+ issues.
Get in touch, share your story and let your voice be heard.

We’re in this together... We are A Bundle of Sticks.
Issue Two Available.

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