A Fresh Way To Communicate Your Company’s Values

Your company values are the strings that hold your business together. You want them to inspire and motivate your employees to do their best, but if they’re not illustrated well, they can come across as cheesy or comical. Getty Images Senior Art Director Bill Bon tells us how to represent some of the most common corporate values in a way that’s meaningful and effective.


To gain the trust of your customers, you have to start by gaining the trust of your employees. This is why it’s essential for a company to have integrity and for the imagery you select to resonate with your audience. Look for people sharing genuine moments and emotions, or images that touch upon local traditions and culture. Also, strive for imagery with natural lighting opposed to saturated colors, as this provides a sentiment of dependability.


Businesses are more interconnected than ever, so it’s important to have a strong sense of teamwork. For a fresh perspective, use conceptual images that take place outside the office. For instance, images of crowds of people are a great symbolic way to represent the idea of collaboration. Illustrations are also a good option and signify working together on a global level.


For any business to be successful, employees need to have passion. Sports imagery is a very apt way to exemplify this drive. Look for images of people overcoming physical obstacles — biking up a large hill, lifting heavy weights, climbing a steep mountain, etc. — as these showcase people’s determination and translate well in the work arena.