'A Redhead & A Blonde'.

  • Camilla Arthur

In order to 'pay it forward' I have started a weekly podcast called 'A REDHEAD AND A BLONDE' which I do specifically to pass on information gleaned from my 43 years in the industry! Initially I was making TIKTOK videos in the hope that I may be able to prevent more kids/parents being scammed by these fake model agencies, but this has developed into the podcast on which myself and Anjella Mackintosh (voice actor) interview people working within the industry who give advice for those wanting to work. Last week we had Nigel Boyle from 'Line of Duty' and then today we interviewed a new actor who is just starting off in his career. Coming up we have Tarquin Gotch (executive producer on Home Alone) and Frank Lebon (fashion photographer & director). It is, also totally bonkers, I must warn you (we record in a remote rural village inhabited by some of the most unusual & hilarious locals. BONKERS WHILST STILL BEING INFORMATIVE AND HELPFUL! LISTEN: https://open.spotify.com/show/1MpwYE3tbRUixfFLu5FswZ?si=q8vmk1MsQgaEE8FFn_DnAQ


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