A Whisper in the Order of Things

  • Eloise Mavronicholas
  • Miia Mäkilä
  • Wilhelmina Ojanen

A Whisper in the Order of Things (2019) is a homage to nature, and to the delicate. A Finnish trio explore how nature is present within their bodies as they journey through forest and earth. The film portrays how our bodies naturally coexist with the landscapes around us; how the valleys, rivers, mountains and plains of our body are in constant relationship to each other and the places we come from. The Screendance connects motion and thought on a pathway to reciprocity, where we discover the importance of support amongst collaboration. Tactile and ever-becoming, A Whisper in the Order of Things translates dance through living and into digital space. 

Cinematography, Edit and Direction        Eloïse Mavronicholas
Choreography and Direction                     Wilhelmina Ojanen
Choreographic Assistant                              Flavien Cornilleau
Composers                                                         Jack Barton
Andrew Marriott
Dancers                                                               Emilia Ahopelto
Miia Mäkilä
Kardo Shiwan