AB12 Brewing Co. - Visual Communication Graded Unit

  • Jamie Rendall

I chose ‘AB12 brewing co.’ for the company name due to the post codes proximity to the River Dee and being in keeping with current logo trends as well as a younger target market. The tagline ’unique beer for a unique person’ was derived from the client’s brief to be unique. I created a 1980’s inspired design for the company’s corporate identity. The design is individual due to the neon colours/dot pattern. I created distinct label designs for 3 products – Stout/IPA /Lager which portray a strong brand identity with lime green as the key colour. I created promotional packaging to hold/carry three 500ml bottles and a simply designed zine at the back of the packaging. The promotional packaging/zine is based on 1980’s research with lime green appealing to a male target market. The packaging accent colour and minimal design contrasts the bold labelling enabling them to stand out. I made modifications during the project. I started logo development with a yellow typographic circle. As the development progressed I felt it didn’t reflect my vision for the corporate identity. I decided to develop the company name further by experimenting with colour/typefaces. The label colour scheme was modified because it didn’t fit with a male target market due to muted colours therefore would not stand out in a competitive market. I considered alternative courses of action such as creating individual packaging for each bottle. I rejected this due to practicalities for carrying and sustainability because excess paper would be used resulting in wastage.