Ace & Tate's A - Z of Optimism

  • Isabel van Zeller
  • Rosie Elizabeth Atkinson

We created Ace & Tate's A - Z of Optimism to celebrate those making our world a better place.

Defining the content strategy. We developed and produced the A - Z of Optimism, a creative project that lives on Ace & Tate’s Journal and social channels. Beyond content creation, our brief involved exploring how Ace & Tate could define their editorial position in a way that felt unique to the brand. Alongside the A - Z of Optimism we delivered a range of ideas spanning various media platforms that could be rolled out in house.
The A - Z of Optimism lives on Ace & Tate’s Journal and heroes 26 people and businesses who are doing things to make our world a better place. We worked with a cultural strategist to source a diverse range of people to champion, making sure we were raising the profile of those who were lesser-known alongside those already well established
Taking another look at optimism. In a year of political uncertainty, it was important that the work radiated positive energy and gave their audience figureheads to look up to in 2019. The piece marks the start of big plans for Ace & Tate to bring joy and meaning through their content across their Journal, social media and their new podcast, Career Girls.
Illustration & animation. We commissioned illustrator Miguel Angel Camprubi to bring a unified style to all 26 stories through illustration and animation. Miguel's ability to convey a story within seconds meant he was perfect for the project. Merging his beautiful line quality with Ace & Tate’s existing colour palette, we produced a set of endearing characters and stories that live on the Journal, plus animated and still cut downs to suit their Instagram Feed and Stories.
Organic reach. Opinion leaders featured in the project got behind the campaign, sharing the story across their channels. Press coverage within a week of going live included a feature on The Drum and the project being championed on The Dots as their ‘Project Of The Day’ feature, reaching 20,000+ creatives.