Action on the side workshop

  • Sylvia Szekely
  • Ramone Truong
I'm looking to gain experience in producing videos/films on a professional set, so I've been attending networking events and shoots of friends that I made from these gatherings. Over the past few weekends, I've been helping out at shoots to get an idea what happens exactly behind the scenes.
Now I know what happens, but I also wanted to find out why, so this month I signed up for a three day filmmaking workshop where we were challenged to come up with a story, write the script for it, then shoot and edit it. We also covered some basic knowledge about equipment and directing (such as type of shots and angles). It was a lot of work and pressure but I really enjoyed being part of something creative.
We had limited resources regarding location and actors, so we had to consider this factors when we created our story. We came up with the idea of a bad date with a purpose of making the audience laugh.
We didn't have time to get into script writing on the first day so I started to write it at home based on the storyline and the characters we came up with earlier. The next day I got feedback and we finished the script. Check out my version of the script here. The edited version is here.