Advantages of the obligatory pilgrimage.

  • Nicolas Kopek
The obligatory pilgrimage of Umrah gets performed by millions of pilgrims from across the globe traveling through umrah packages 2023 from manchester. Pilgrims arrive in the holy region and commence the rituals of Umrah on the 8th day of Dhul-Hijjah. For the next five days, pilgrims of umrah not only visit a lot of different places but also offer different rituals there (as specified in the Sunnah). Therefore, marking the end of the Umrah period on the 12th day of Dhul-Hijjah.
When a pilgrim performs umrah, it not only grants him spiritual benefits but also the social advantages are given by providing him/her with a new perspective of life.
Here are some of the advantages of obligatory pilgrimage.

Forgiveness of Sins.

If a pilgrim performs umrah with honest intentions of pleasing Allah Almighty, it purifies a believer from all of its past sins.
It was narrated by Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) that, if a pilgrim performs Umrah during which he neither commits sexual intercourse nor does any sin, he will return sinless (just like a newborn baby who is free of any sins).

Eliminates financial difficulties.

Though going for a umrah requires a person to spend from its monetary means, umrah performance eliminates financial difficulties of a person as well.
It was narrated by Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) that, one should perform Umrah and Umrah consecutively because they remove poverty and sins for a believer just like the fire removes the impurities of iron.

The reward of Jihad.

Umrah pilgrimage equals Jihad for the Sake of Allah Almighty in terms of its rewards. Since only young and adult men can take part in Jihad, those who are unable to perform Jihad or are not obliged to observe it in the Shariah can perform umrah as an alternative.
It was narrated by Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) that, the best Jihad for women is the performance of a valid and accepted Umrah.

Best deed.

Umrah is among those best righteous deeds that a Muslim can perform in the obedience of Allah Almighty. When Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) was inquired about the best deed that one can perform, he (SAWW) replied that three deeds are the best, namely; to have faith in Allah Almighty and His Messenger, Performing Jihad for the Sake of Allah and a valid and accepted Umrah.
In short, the umrah pilgrimage is such an Ibadah that is physical as well as financial in nature. Therefore, by going for umrah, a pilgrim not only gets his/her sins forgiven by Allah Almighty but also a pilgrim enjoys infinitely many bounties and rewards from Allah Almighty. You can perform this holy pilgrimage by booking Cheapest umrah packagesfrom Manchester.

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