Aesthetica Issue 95: Recalibration

  • Kate Simpson

This issue is entitled Recalibration. It’s about realignment and hope. As humans, we need to understand our place in the world and the fragility of this ecosystem.

Published 1 June 2020. To pick up a copy, click here.
In the last few weeks, a number of institutions, both large and small, have been expanding their strands of digital content, including interviews, podcasts, extended tours and even virtual sculpture gardens. Switch on and connect with galleries from across the globe.

- Design as Resolution: How can architecture create a more inclusive and connected world? Lina Bo Bardi's modernist structures offer lessons about how to rebuild and repurpose.

- Powerful Narratives: The tolls that are used to make great works of art are similar to those that record history. World Photography Organisation considers the components of successful visual storytelling.

- A New Conversation: Through bold costume, colours, pageantry and performance, Athi-Patra Ruga's works ask meaningful questions about how we can decolonise the wider art sector.

- Tapping into Nature: Humanity's interaction with nature is being redefined. Makoto Azuma highlights this, juxtaposing ancient tradition with innovative technologies.

- Diane Villadsen (Cover photographer)
- Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda
- Nana Yaw Oduro
- Six N. Five
- KangHee Kim
- Julia Keil

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