All is Calm

Publics London helped launched a TV spot designed to move the car away from its electric, eco credentials and to instead show how this small, quiet car makes driving pleasurable once more, even in cities.

Publicis London’s new TV campaign for Renault communicates the transformative power of the Renault ZOE electric car.

The film contrasts the stressful, noisy world of the conventional driving experience with the calmness drivers feel once they’re inside the 100% electric ZOE.

Featuring the elegant, serene, Renault ZOE gliding through a chaotic city, the film’s soundtrack highlights the contrast between the ZOE driver’s experience and the rest of the world. The music is a version of The Jam’s ‘That’s Entertainment’, re-recorded by a young female artist who transforms the harsh grit of the song’s lyrical content with her soft jazz vocals.